Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Price List Mesin Kayu Terbaru

Utilization of modern woodworking machines will help employers increase productivity. When using the manual method typically takes approximately 5 days when producing a set of tables and chairs but using only wood machine takes 2 days. Unless faster, the cost required was reduced. If the manual method needs 4 persons, with modern wood machine operator only takes one person. In the production of furniture, must be at least 6 kinds of wood machinery following: Harga Mesin Kayu atau wood machine prices, scrap, wood planer, cheap, modern, maktec, sitting, pieces of wood,

1. Machine saws

It takes two kinds of sawing machines ie machines wood saws to cut wood into planks of wood. Has a circular-shaped blade. Both are machine cut wood to create special forms for example a straight, oblique, angled or curved. Jigsaw blade has a serrated knife or something. This wooden machine prices ranging from Rp.290 thousand to Rp 5 million.

2. Machine planner or planers

As well as crabs manual tool used by carpenters ancient times the machine planner also works the same way. Shaved machine is useful for smoothing the surface of the sides of the timber or board. An electrically powered planers machines could even have four eyes miser to refine 4 wooden sides in one work. Price engine type wood planers range from Rp 300 thousand to Rp.5,5 million.

3. The drilling machine

One type of timber machine that has been used since the first. The point is to make the screw holes, dowel also pen. With electric-powered drilling machine then perforate jobs that were once rotated by hand, can now be done quickly. Price wood machines for drilling machine can be purchased starting from Rp375 thousand brand Krisbow.

4. Machine profile

Its function is to create a profile on the edge of a wood. This timber machine utilizes the vertical blades that scrape from the side. The result is smooth enough for finishing furniture products. Price engine type wood profile machine is around Rp.680 thousand or more depending on the specifications.

5. Machine router

Similar to the drilling machine only this machine has a drill bit that can produce grooves or screw on wood. Wood router machine price is quite cheap, can be obtained starting from Rp 500 thousand for the brand Modern.

6. Machine sander (sanding)

Finishing stage product workmanship of wood usually is smoothing the surface of the wood or sanding. To speed sanding sanding the old way of manually should be abandoned and a switch using a sanding machine. Although both use sandpaper yet sanding machine http://ratanika.net/harga-mesin-kayu/ is work faster. Price engine type wood sanding machine can already be obtained starting Rp.400 thousand brand Krisbow

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